Alassio Kimono - White



Pia Rossini proudly presents the latest White Lace Beach Kimono as featured in their Summer Collection. The Alassio Black Lace Kimono is a stunning holiday kimono with bags of style that provides versatile cover. Alassio will offer added protection from UV rays when you’ve had enough sun for the day but still want to be at the beach or pool. It provides a more generous amount of cover, perfect for poolside lunching and cocktails. A twin-tie closure makes the front opening adjustable on either side of the lacy waistline detail. Opt to wear with black swimwear, or wear with a contrasting shade for a subtle peekaboo effect. Cap sleeves add a breezy, looser fit super comfortable in the heat.


  • Beautiful full coverage black lace kimono
  • Delicate detail
  • Full-Coverage Black Lace Kimono
  • Added Protection from UV Rays
  • Cap Sleeves
  • Twin-Tie Closure
  • Adjustable Front Opening
  • Lacy Waistline Detail

Size: One Size